Milling Bit Auto Ring-load Machine LSMX-2006

Innovation Bi C.C.D.& laser diameter inspection

7 setting mode

  1. Spin but no inspect ring-load mode (ring-load without laser inspection mode)
  2. Spin with inspect & ring-load mode (laser inspect & ring-load mode)
  3. Spin without inspect for mill bit mode (length measurement & mixing tool exit mode)
  4. Spin & inspect mill bit mode (laser inspect total length & mixing tool exit mode)
  5. Spin & inspect mode (laser inspection without ring-loading)
  6. No inspection mode (packaging mode)
  7. Ring-unload mode (only ring-unload)

Ring-load mechanism (equip with CCD system to insure the accuracy)

  1. Precise ring-loading accuracy, ring size 6.5mm or 4.5mm.
  2. Length is measured during ring-loading. By this way to save your processing time.

Ring-unload mechanism (Stable & durable duo to no wear design type)

  1. Drill or mill bit diameter : 0.15mm~2.6mm
  2. Ring size : 4.5mm或6.5mm

Jet mechanism (option)

You can choose only to jet on good ones or jet on all products. It all depends on your application.

Bad area(You can set the layout for post process)

  1. You can use cin-phown 10 pieces bit box.(3 boxes)
  2. Customer can classify the defect to 2 items.(1.Diameter defect. 2.Total length defect.)

Mechanism for laser diameter inspection (Super precise measuring and near zero error)

  1. You can set one or two point measurement. You can set the height position to inspect. By the way, you can set the shank measuring position.
  2. You can choose “still” or “rotate” type to inspect the bit.
  3. The inspection height is judged by CCD system, so you can get high accuracy data.

User friendly interface

  1. WINDOWS base, convenient and clear.
  2. Real time image, you will not make mistake.
  3. Real data output, you can easily maintenance database.
  4. Customer can choose the inspection items, so to simple the process flow.

Load/unload mechanism (provide several set & bit boxes for customer request)

  1. Loading boxes 500 pieces Φ3.175 bit plate, 50 pieces cotton box, union 10 pieces acrylic box
    瀧澤, takakuchi, Hitachi new hard box, union new hard box, 50 pieces cotton box
  2. Unloading boxes瀧澤, takakuchi, Hitachi new hard box, union new hard box, 50 pieces cotton box

Machine base data

Material PCB drilling bit or PCB milling bit measurement total length
37mm~39mm, accuracy: +/-0.03mm
Function Ring-load, diameter inspection, total length measurement, ring-unload
Accuracy Mill bit diameter (inspected range 0.1mm~0.3mm), repeatability: accuracy<0.002
Ring Spec Drill or mill bit, 6.5mm or 4.5mm ring can be used
Computer Industry computer with WIN XP
Power AC110/60Hz
Air 5~7Kg/cm2, 60L/min
Environment Temp 22℃ +/-6℃. Humidity 55%RH+/-8%RH
Throughput Laser single shot inspection: 15~16 pieces, laser double shot inspection: 10~11piece
Machine Outline L: 1910mm W:1190 H:1990mm
Weight 280 kg
Ring Load Speed ~ 23-26 pieces/min



Laser Spec Mitutoyo LS6200 or KEYENCE LS7501
Load Mechanism Guide way