3D Laser Blind Via Inspection Machine 3D-BVC660

Equipment main function

  • Conformal window, Top/bottom diameter, 3D profile, Taper, Depth measurement
  • Via bottom quality observement
  • Sample cross section measurement (within F.O.V.)
  • Laser beam shape comparison.
  • Can trace via position by excellon 2 format.
  • Line width, space, depth measurement and observement. (Option)
  • Gold finger quality measurement and observement. (Option)



Microscope and imaging system High N/A system : suitable for residue, remelt, broken on cu bottom observement. Fiber protrusion of via wall observement.
Magnification rate 25X~500X
Measurement accuracy (Under 500X) ±1µm. (Under 500X)
Product specifications Working distance : 700 x 650mm.
Panel thickness 0.3 to 3.0mm.
Blind via quality check (after laser, desmear, plating) : via size : 35~450µm.
Lighting system Halogen 150W (brightness adjustment), Aperture stop & field stop. (contrast adjustment)
Report Auto producing statistic report and analysis result.
Measurement system Advanced 3D blind via inspection software, statistic software, 2D measurement software. 
Weight / Dimension 1500(kg)/1350x1331x1462(mm)
Power AC 220 V ; 1 F ; 50 / 60 Hz ; 4K W