Jumper Wire Machine JP-869


  1. User friendly control panel, easy to operate and maintain.
  2. Being operated with Sectional Motor. Wire feed is consistent in length.
  3. With an extra-strength belt for transmission operating with minimum noise, no vibration, the least chance of copper wire crossing.
  4. With adjustable tape application widths of 26mm,42mm and 52mm.


Applicable Copper Wire 0.5m/m~0.8m/m
Machine Speed 400~500 Pcs/Min
Power 220V,1ψ 50/60HZ
Dimension 430(L)x400(W)x1650(H)
Weight 150kg


1.AMP 2.Cutter
3.Wire Feed Motor 4.Paper Tape Sensor
5.Copper Wire 6.Paper Tape
7.Tape 8.Tape Sensor
9.Pressure Roller 10.Tape Wheel
11.Collector Box