Automatic PC Board Ringloading Machine(Evo) CRM-2000T

From the market requirement and experience, CIN-PHOWN develop.
the brand new & powerful auto ring-load machine “CRM-2006T”in 2006.

Innovation high throughput bi-direction operation mode

20 % throughput up%,High efficiency to finish the ring-load, reverse and badness selection function.

  1. We can load ring to the polished or new drill bit or just check its diameter and transfer the new drill bit to the ADC panel or drill bit package (as diagram A).
  2. We can transfer the drill bit which must be polished from ADC panel or drill bit package to the unloading package for drill bit to be polished (as diagram B). 

New innovation design

  1. Change the no consumption part of vibration mechanism,no need to change the spring and some parts, this can increase the working rate.
  2. Change the block mechanism of load/unload to the stage type no need to change the consumption parts, stable and cos

High resolution CCD Create the high ring loading accuracy

Use the none contact CCD image technology to control the ring load accuracy, this can avoid the problems (breakage, wear) by traditional contact method. By the way, we use the high magnification lens to calculate the ring loading depth, and its accuracy can reach〈±0.02mm〉,avoid the unstable accuracy caused by small magnification rate.

Humain Operation interface

  1. All 7 mode (ring-load, ring- unload, depth compensation, ring reload, free ring, ring unload to bit box, free ring to bit box) for drill bit preparation are set in the operation module. The operator is easy to use and understand the working procedure.;Bye the way you can set all the bit box types in the “box type” module, this is a very powerful and friendly design for the task.
  2. There are manual mode in the monitor selection item. You can see the machine work step by step. It is useful for the maintenance, no need to restart the machine, and save your trouble shooting time.
  3. You can both see the real image and measured data in our software. Including all the specification data to let you manage the whole day work and its quality.

Multiplex Drill bit box spec