About Us

Founded in 1992,our company is a professional manufacturer for the equipment of resistors and automation machinery.As we insist in our concept of"Quality No.1,and Satisfactory Service" we have won trust and recognition of our customers since foundation.

However,we are not self-contented of what we have achieved so far,we continually develop equipment of PC board automation machinery,chip resistance,IC packer,etc.in order to satisfy diversified needs of customers.

In the future,we will continue our concepts for new design,assist other companies in reducing costs effectively and increase production volume in response to the coming of the era of high efficiency and technology.


  • CIN-PHOWN Technology Company was founded in 1992 by Shu-Tzu, Ho and our company’s capital is twenty million NT dollars.
  • CIN-PHOWN owns more than 70 invention and utility model patents.
  • CIN-PHOWN’s technical capabilities are firmly founded on a competent, capable and talented team of technical personnel. We specialize in machine automation and machine vision.
  • Proportion of Business:
Sales in domestic market 30%
Sales into international markets 70%


Automatic PC Board Ring loading Machine, Drill A.O.I Inspection Machine, Endmill A.O.I Inspection Machine, 3D Laser Blind Via Inspection Machine, Silver Welding Machine, Milling Bit Auto Ring-load Machine, Outer Diameter of Rods Measurement Machine, Automatic Drill Bit Diameter Inspection Machine, Packing Cassette Exchanging Machine, Drills Resharpening Machine, Automatic Router Exradius inspection machine
Resistor Welding Machine, Automatic Resistance Fold Tape Packing Machine, Chip Resistance Packing Machine, Fuse Printing machine, Melted Tin Machine
Blood Glucose Test Strips tapping Machin, Slitting and Canning Automation Machine
Endmill A.O.I Inspection Machine, Automatic Endmill Inspection Machine


Products Model
Pre-Tapping Machine TR168
Rear-Tapping Machine TR668
Speed Welding TLW-960
Automatic Packing Machine AP-899
Jumper Wire Machine JP-869
Paper Scroll Puncher Machine for Chips CH-2000
Chip Tapes Winding Collector RO-999
Tapping and Testing Unit TTU-1500
Automatic Solder Spray Chamber SM-2000
PC Board Automatic Drill Ring Setting Machine CRM-2000T
Automatic Drill Bit Inspection Machine BCM-2001T
Endmill A.O.I Inspection Machine LSMX-2003
Blood Glucose Test Strips tapping Machine TPM-2004
Automatic Test Strips tapping Machine TMD-2004
2005 3D Laser Blind Via Inspection Machine 3D-BVC660
Products Model
Outer Diameter of Rods Measurement Machine SMX-2006
Automatic Drill Bit Inspection Machine BCM-2006T
Milling Bit Auto Ring-load Machine LSMX-2006
2007 Automatic Drill Bit Diameter Inspection Machine SDP-2007
2007 Automatic Testing Strip Punch Machine PUM-2007
2007  Slitting and Canning Automation Machine CTM-2007
2007 Laser Marking Machine  LST-2007
2007 Automatic Endmill Inspection Machine  VATM-2006
Silver Welding Machine  WSS-2011
Automatic PC Board Ring loading Machine CRM-2011T
Drills Resharpening Machine  DRM-2013S
Packing Cassette Exchanging Machine CHA-2013T
Automatic Router Exradius inspection machine  RIM-2014

Qualiy & Service

Research & Development in Technology

Research & Development in Technology

R&D is the core for enterprises.Only a continuous R&D can keep up with technology trend.Our company not only hires top R&D specialists but also purchases the most advanced computer equipment for developing the newest &most advanced equipment.

Witch the R&D spirit of"Second best is not good enough"and non-stop efforts,we expect to bring the best products for customers.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

“Zero defect"is an essential requirement of our quality.In order to achieve perfect quality,every detail of production process is strictly controlled under the concept of"Quality Control in totaland by everyone"applies in every stage of productions and every detail of productions is strictly checked on.

We firmly believe the commitment that CIN-PHOWN gives to its customers is the best guarantee striding toward perpetual operation.

Marketing Service

Marketing Service

Marketing Service"What we ask is always more than customers".In an era when service is NO.1,our company sends technicians regularly to customers for maintenance,and provides technical support&consulting service for customers.

Because only when the customers’s effciency of productivity is improved,CIN-PHOWN can prove that the concept of high quality that it has beenstriving for customers is put into practice.