Automatic Packing Machine AP-899


  • The machine uses Micro-processor based control, it has full functions and compact size that can save. Your install space.
  • It has detect capabilities like parts crossing missing and double tapping faults, it will make a mark in tape for error packing.
  • The machine uses vertical collecting box method and can packs 100.000 purchase /lot to save move times and man power.
  • Auto lot change function to avoid different parts error packing.
  • Simple panel key functions, it’s very easy to operate and set packing quantities from 1000pcs-5000pcs.
  • Parts after packing is very tidy up and can’t lined up in irregular.



Power Requirements AC220V,1ψ, 50/60HZ
Air Pressure 5Kgs/cm
Packing Speed 1,200-2,400 pcs/min
Packing Part Size 1.3ψx2.7L-2.5ψx12L
Available Parts Resistor, Chip Capacitor, Inductor, Fuse, Diode, T26 and T25m/m
Dimension 1050(L)x600(W)x1500(H)
Weight 250Kgs